Dr Perin Westerhof Nyman is a historian of medieval and early modern material culture, with a focus on dress history, and is experienced in the accurate reconstruction of historical garments.

Photo by Simon Lees, editing by Lauren Stowell

Research Interests

I am interested in material culture as a means of building and displaying personal and relational identities. My doctoral thesis considers livery and mourning at the late medieval and early Renaissance Scottish royal court, arguing that such clothing was a key political tool with pragmatic applications both in the day-to-day organisation of the household and at large-scale events. I also have extensive experience in building reconstructions of historical garments from the medieval period through the early twentieth century, and I am particularly interested in the use of garments to re-shape both the body and the identity.

Photo by Rebecca Olds


pwn2@st-andrews.ac.uk // pr235375@dal.ca

Note that my dress reconstruction work is carried out under the screen name @isabel.northwode. Find me on social media:

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